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Bukovec - the easternmost point of the CR

The path leads along the edge of pleasant surroundings of the nature reserve Bukovec Olecky, that is created of peat meadows with rare plants. There are seven information board throughout the route on which you can find many interesting facts about the village history, local highlander´s way of life, interesting facts about fauna and flora and a lot of other information.

nejvýchodnější bod

Bystřice - The educational path "Loučka"

The village Bystřice built its first educational path in 2012. The name of the path means the name of the only hill in the village Bystřice. There are five points with information boards about typical fauna and flora and about people from this area.


Dolní Lomná - The primeval forest Mionší

The primeval forest Mionší is the largest area of natural Carpathian-type beech and fir forest in the Czech Republic. You can find a mosaic of different forests, minor forest meadows, 73 kinds of birds. The public has opportunity to see the forest thanks to Mionší educational path, which is 7 km long and it has 10 stops. The trail is opened from 1. 6. - 15. 9. and it is intended for pedestrians only. You must order your visit in advance, because visit of area is allowed only with guide.
Phone no.: +420 558 357 411, 558 358 720.

NS Mionší

Dolní Lomná - The educational path throught landscape of original highlanders

The trail of a new educational path is started on a car parking at the primeval forest Mionší. There is an information centre. The trail is led aroud the chalet Polana on the top of Malá Kykula hill. The path is consits of 7 stops and you can learn more about original highlanders. You can admire nice views of the valley of course too.

Jablunkov - the educational path "The nature of Jablunkov"

The path is located in the territory of the town Jablunkov. On the nature path in the length of 8 km are located 10 information board  from which you can learn not only about the flora, fauna and waterways of Jablunkovsko region, but it is an introduction to the history of the town of Jablunkov,  Alžbětinky monastery and Jablunkovské sanatorium. The path is suitable for hikers, families with children and cyclists. Sometimes you need to lead your bike. The educational path was implemented in the partnership project with the town Wisla "Jablunkov - Wisla on cross-border tourist routes. This project is financed from the operational program of cross-border cooperation Euroregion TS - SC.


Jablunkov - The trail of history of the town Jablunkov